Eumeswil (The Eridanos Library) by Ernest Junger, Ernst Junger, Joachim Neugroschel

By Ernest Junger, Ernst Junger, Joachim Neugroschel

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It is his bedrock, on which history is estab1ished, and which is exposed once more when his­ This is no digression. I am speaking about my sideline, that of tory withers away. Humus with its flora piles up on the rock and night steward in EumeswiL In that capacity, I had mentally fo1­ vanishes agam, in whatever mannet-it either dries up or is swept lowed a conversation between the Condor and the Domo; they away by tempests. Then the bare tuff emerges; it contains prehis­ were talking about the judgment in a civil proceeding.

Thus, in Vigo's garden, I had come out of myself while the ble. His fear of contact is extraordinary. He avoids even the sun; the law students have nicknamed him "The Paleface:' If, as a professorial duty, he has to receive a student, he avoids shaking hands and he offers hirn a chair in the farthest corner. moon hung over the Casbah. amed from frequent washing, which indudes He said that to me, whose skin is nothing but sores. thorough brushings. The idea of the Eternal Return is that of a fish that wants to jump out of the frying pan.

Even this tiny section snowballs ad and workers. From decade to decade, this reduces any domestic inflnitum-as does every source, every point that I touch in what­ resistance that evinces quality. The upheavals become chronic, ever has been handed down. I sense a crackling, then a shining: that but alter nothing. The types that follow one another are all alike, is the historical charge in its intact and undivided power. Friends especially in their will power. They also use the same big words, and enemies, perpetrators and victims have contributed their best.

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