Archie Comics 192 (July 1969) by Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit,

By Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit, Samm Schwartz

Archie Comics #192 - July 1969

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Archie Comics 192 (July 1969)

Archie Comics #192 - July 1969

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Knowing the ammonium nitrate claim was impossible rubbish, United States Air Force explosive experts at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, promptly constructed a three-story test building out of the same materials used in the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma. Then they placed the correct equivalent explosive charge at precisely the same distance from their test building and stood back briefly to admire their "simulator". And what a simulator it was! When the massive charge was detonated on camera the results were exactly as the explosives experts had forecast: the huge open-air blast barely scratched the front face of the building, proving for all time that the White House, FBI, and others in Washington, had deliberately and continually lied about the explosion in Oklahoma City, and of course about "patsy" Timothy McVeigh as well, for political reasons.

62-mm) version of the Colt AR15, with the latter claimed by police to be the weapon used in the Broad Arrow Cafe to kill 20 and wound another 12. The sleight-ofhand would he in convincing Martin Bryant that he and the Colt AR15 were in Terry Hill's shop 'Guns and Ammo' at the same time. Apart from minor technical differences and overall bulk, the AR10 looks Identical to the AR15 at a distance, which was exactly the view Bryant had of the weapon when interrogated by Inspectors Paine and Warren on the 4th July 1996.

Is there any possible connection between this incident and his use as a patsy at Port Arthur by a person or persons as 29 yet unknown? If we examine the obscure Dutch AR10 carefully, it becomes readily apparent there is very probably a tangible connection. Whoever planned the massacre knew there was a slight chance that patsy Martin Bryant might survive the slaughter, in which case a contingency plan was needed to link Martin Bryant to at least one of the weapons used at Port Arthur, and in turn link that same weapon to a known gun dealer as the "supplier".

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